Top 10 Blenders that any vegan should have in the kitchen !!!

How do you choose the best blender?

This is what you should know and what we recommend that you look for in order to guarantee that you purchase a top quality blender. This guide aims to inform you about the best blenders that any vegan would love to have in the kitchen. A quality blender is an indispensable accessory in any modern kitchen. A good blender blitzes all vegetables, chops all fruits, blends juices, creams soups and smashes ice in just seconds.

Blenders, are usually formed from a motor and a graduated vessel that is equipped with powerful knives that blend the contents in seconds. When you go to buy a blender, you can choose the size of the jug and the operating power. Most mixers have between 2 and 18 speeds that offer plenty of options for your dishes. When looking for the best blender, you need a device that will perform well with all the tasks you need it for.

You will want it to make you fruit smoothies, smash up ice, make delicious vegan soups and there are many more vegan recipes that require a good blender. You need to know what you are going to likely use the blender for and make sure that your desired model has the necessary capabilities.

The best blenders can perform almost any function you want. In addition, they should easy-to-clean, lasting durable components that are designed so that they do not put your body’s health at risk during use.

How do you choose the best blender?


The best blenders can process any type of food. Find a blender with a powerful engine (minimum 4-500 Watts) and many speed settings. A variable speed gives you total blender control.The best blenders have up to 18 speeds and maybe more. In addition, you should look for a blender with additional features such as smooth blending, crushing, ice crushing, impulse and turbo.


The best blenders do not always have the same number of features. Some models will start at a slower speed and will gradually increase to higher speeds. Some appliances also have the option of heating the container to allow you to make your vegan dishes directly in the blender.

Always choose a blender with a glass bowl. It is more resistant than plastic and does not affect the taste and quality of the dishes. Plastic leeches chemicals called BPAs that are harmful for your health and have been linked to things like cancer. You will also be reducing your own plastic use.
Although the prices of some blenders will look very cheap and you might feel like you are getting a bargain, we do not recommend choosing a plastic blender under any circumstances.


Your blender design is important because you might not want a bulky blender that will take up too much space, or you may need to cook for a big family!

The best blender would require a smooth but sturdy base and as accessible as possible to allow for easy cleaning and operation. Many blenders have a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to choose the best fitting model for your kitchen.

Quality models have rubber seal caps to prevent content leakage and a superior hole to allow ingredients to be added during operation.

Most components of a quality blender are easy to clean and can also be washed in the dishwasher. A plastic bowl won’t be easy as to keep clean so keep that in mind, glass ones are much, much easier to wash and to be kept clean.

Don’t buy the most expensive ones unless you’re a professional chef or you really need high quality finish, but don’t buy the cheapest ones either, remember you always get what you pay for. A good blender will cost anywhere between £60 – £1000 you should choose according to your needs and which functions they have.

If you take into account the tips above, you will be able to buy a quality blender that will work impeccably for a long time and will be able to perform well at any task.

Here are our 5 recommendations , we make our recommendations based on people reviews, YouTube reviews and how well priced they are for all budgets:

Duronic BL102 Smoothie Blender 1000W 1.5L Glass Jug 

Price: £49.99

Geepas 700W Blender, Glass Jug , Stainless Steel Blade, 3 Speed Control, 1.5L Capacity 
Price: £39.99

1000W, 6 Blades, 3 Modes,  1.75L Glass Jug, 500g Grinder, 
by Homtiky

Price: £69.99 & FREE Delivery

Soup and Smoothie Maker Steamer Blender 1000W ,Glass Jug 
by Duronic

Price: £89.99

Magimix 11610 Le Blender, Black Finish
by Magimix

Price: £159.00 & FREE Delivery

Tefal  High Speed Blender, 1300 W
by Tefal

(RRP: £329.99) 
Price: £171.39 & FREE Delivery
You Save: £158.60 (48%)

HYYBZ Blender,  – 1.75L Glass Jar, 1100W 48,000 RPM


 1.5 Litre, 600 Watt
by Cuisinart

Price: £107.93 & FREE Delivery 

2800W , 6L ,57000 speed (RPM) ,Smoothie Maker Soy Milk Baby Food,

Price: £319.00

SKYyao Blender,Smoothie Maker,semi-automatic food machine 2200W six-leaf knife
Price: £354.99

If you couldn’t find  one to satisfy you here is another list of Top 10 Blenders ,but despite they are one of the best on the market this days, they don’t have glass jugs :


 from £302.59

 3HP Commercial Professional Series Kitchen Blender with 2.0L 
by St@llion

Price: £199.97

Trisa Electronics Vital Fit Glass Blender , Transparent 2L 1500 W,High Speed


2200W ,2L Commercial Blender ,Speed Control,Black [Energy Class A]
by Mr.Fragile

Price: £197.80

Nutri Ninja 1500W Blender Duo with Auto iQ BL642UK [inc 2.1L Pitcher & 3 x Tritan Cups]
by Ninja

(RRP: £149.99) 
Price: £119.99 & FREE Delivery 


Price: £549.00

 High Performance Blender
by Wolf

Price: £525.31

  Commercial Blender
by JR Ultra

Price: £649.99 FREE delivery.

OPTIMUM G2.3 Platinum Series Induction Blender,HIGH SPEED,1500 watts

Price: £389.00

Vitamix Blender, 2 Litre 

Price: £395.04 & FREE Delivery

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